A holiday trip that awakes me from within and alarms me with my Spiritual Deficiency Syndrome

I am just back from Taipei with my mum and younger brother. It was a soul-awakening trip for stimulating my five senses which had been desensitized to some degree by the ruts of my life and heartfelt insecurities. I was like a chick trapped in an egg shell, feeling too intimidated to step out into the bustling world to truly experience life. For many times, I lived through my day as if all my senses were numb.

This trip to Taipei, a faraway land from my home country has sent a timely spiritual call to my asleep soul, waking me up to the real faces of this world. Walking in Taipei, we could see throngs of people clad in masks filling the marketplaces, railway stations and heritage hotspots, of course without forgetting to get an eyeful of the interesting merchandise and footprints of human civilization. It was tantalizing for my senses, despite the occasional, sudden roars of motorbike engines behind me that nudged me out of pleasure and brought back my snatch thief-related memories. As we dig deeper into the city, a song lingered in my ears.

One, two, three, four, five senses. Eyes…eyes, I see, see, see. Ears…ears, I hear, hear, hear. Nose… nose, I smell, smell, smell. Tongue… tongue, I taste, taste, taste. Skin… skin, I touch, touch, touch

(A nursery rhyme I have learned from YouTube to be shared with the kiddos in my school.)

The sharpness of our senses is nurtured through training. We have learned to focus on certain aspects of all our surrounding stimuli. What you feel with your sense organs is always just part of the story. This means you are blinded to certain aspects of your life experiences. In another way, your senses can develop great sharpness to compensate certain impaired senses of yours, just like the case for Ludwig van Beethoven who rose as a music genius despite his declining hearing sense.

As human beings, we always love to pamper our senses with captivating movies, relaxing songs, comforting fragrances, appetizing food and gentle caresses. If done right, this helps to divert our focus from life negativities and nourishes our soul to dissipate tiredness in turn.

A life tip to remember is that this self-nourishing act should be done sparingly. If not, it can turn into a form of self-indulgence that is detrimental to us in many aspects as the time flows.

For self-checking, you should ask yourself a post-travel question after each leisure trip.

Do you feel more energized to tackle the next big thing in life? Is your mind clearer to make the next right decision for a change that comes with necessary evil?

If your answer is yes, that’s something to celebrate and feel grateful for

If your answer is that you feel dreaded in getting back on the rails after the short getaway and that you feel as if the days are plodding along boringly before the arrival of your next holiday season, you might want to consider some adventurous undertakings for a twist of fate.

I guess this is inner work for all passionate travelers. There’s nothing like feeling awakened to the SENSES of our beating heart. If you are tightening your belt for a living, a weekend getaway nearby your place should be worthwhile. Just try to scope out a nice place hidden from your senses.

#As a precautionary measure for the outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus, I have been wearing a protective mask most of the time whenever I am outdoor. This is to fulfill my social responsibilities in protecting myself and others. I have also advised my family to do so. Seeing all the masked faces everywhere I go, I am reminded by my visual sense that this is a human epidemic originating from the reproduction of a kind of virus that our naked eyes are blinded to. Not only this, I am a bit shaken by the ignorance of human beings when it comes to food consumption and hygiene maintenance in all aspects for our overall well-being. Can you sense our spiritual viruses?

Photo by Janko Ferlic on Pexels.com

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