Ramblings about the melting icebergs at our earth’s poles

Talking about the climax of Frozen 2, we see Elsa stepping into an icy island after a magical ride through the colossal waters with the loyal assistance of her forever-by-your-side horsey. Upon reaching the mysterious place, Elsa is seen penetrating deeper and deeper into the icy castle, as if she is on a self-discovery journey into her deepest self whereby she finally stumbles upon the Answer for her self-actualization. This points our attention to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

We can witness her process of transformation as seen from her new, emphatic physical outfit. This never comes easy as it requires painful self-examination as she comes to know the darkest secrets that require her to shred layers and layers of her previous knowledge. Eventually, she comes into a better informed persona who then sets out on another real world adventure to salvage the lives and futures of her people.

I really love how the film maker makes good use of the ice elements to bring out human experiences that each of us will certainly have the choice to go through if we would like to.

As a fairly inquisitive life explorer, I have come across a few theories, concepts, philosophies or therapies that have made good use of the ice elements. One of the pioneers is the late Virginia Satir who was introduced to me during a child psychology workshop by Tzu Chi. When I first started my doctoral study, my supervisor (now, he is my ex-supervisor) used to remind us to remember the iceberg model when it comes to data analysis, that is to see deeper into our data set to uncover what laymen cannot sense. Here is a link to his latest book which also covers the iceberg model: https://www.amazon.com/years-PhD-Heres-how-right-ebook/dp/B07X1S2QQB

Besides having come across a few journal articles which dabble in the iceberg theory during my doctoral study, I am indeed a fortunate life explorer to receive the following gift during a book exchange activity in a teacher training camp organised by Tzu Chi. The camp aimed to inculcate shared understanding among all Tzu Chi teachers in Malaysia. For your knowledge, I didn’t pick that particular book title myself. With aimless temperament, I conveniently reached out to the book shelf with countless books wrapped in reused paper and took the one within my arm’s length. And, see what I’ve got!

Not forgetting the iceberg-related video which I shared with my students from my negotiation class during my previous teaching vocation, I would like you to enjoy listening to this!

And I hope our icebergs at both our earth’s poles are not melting fast so that we get to live longer to learn more:(

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