30-day Challenge for Social Media Cleansing

The reason for taking up this challenge is to reconcile my mental health and social media usage.

I am trying to see social media as tools for building networks but not the means for building deep relationships. When it comes to our loved ones, it needs efforts to send across our love languages to them, instead of hours spent on social media just for clicking and writing lines of trivial comments. Face to face conversations make the best ingredients for flourishing relationships.

To replace my unhealthy approach towards using social media, I am going to make it compulsory to read at least three pages in my grammar book every day during these 30 days. Since I only got Band 4 for my MUET, I plan to self study and sit for a certified test to get my English proficiency validated, if possible and financially viable.

With no distraction from social media, I should be able to make better progress in my postgraduate study.

Hopefully, I will come out as a well versed social media user who uses these virtual platforms to strengthen one’s personal brand, instead of draining my own mental health reserves.

P.S.: I had a therapeutic familial time with some exco members of my student society. It feels so lovely when thinking of the moment they sang me a birthday song though my birthday has passed for so long. Maybe farewell songs would be too sad for the occasion. I really love the handmade card of appreciation seemingly hinting something about Wonder Woman:) ๐Ÿ˜†

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