Day 30: Self-harm Free Challenge

Yay! I have completed my 30-day Self Harm Free Challenge. For the coming days, I might blog less often. I am actually thinking of another 30-day challenge. Guess what it is about. Well, it’s a 30 day challenge for social media cleansing. I am planning to do the following:

1.) Log out of Facebook (before I start this, I need to grant the administration rights for certain work related Facebook pages to my colleagues.)

2.) Log out of WordPress

3.) Log out of Instagram

4.) Not checking WhatsApp/WeChat statuses

5.) Log out of Twitter

6.) Log out of LinkedIn

I’m not going to start this right away. Maybe, I will start on 1 November and end it on 30 November. This makes it much easier to count down to the last day.

By the way, our forum held yesterday did receive satisfactory participation and gladly, we had our celebration dinner after that.

However, I wasn’t doing well yesterday night. For one more time, I had difficulty falling asleep while being haunted by the crawly and tingling sensation around my body. While struggling in the bed, I was holding a knife and rubbing it against my skin. Trying to cope with it, I woke up for a cup of chamomile tea. At the end, I cried to sleep while listening to some comforting music by celebrities who died by suicide. I was thinking if “he” whom I met at the forum was the trigger. I remember so many times when I cut myself after bumping into “him” in the campus. It has been a while since I had a close-distance encounter with him. Persuading myself to think on the brighter side, I try to convince myself to feel grateful that he hasn’t taken any action that might cause me to land in a difficult circumstance whereby a warming letter is issued to me for workplace misconduct.

All the unpleasant experiences with “him” started from social media-related delusions. These delusions are getting weaker and slowly disappearing but not totally. Watching Joker has also reminded me to self-examine my existing delusions related to “him.”

That’s why I think this upcoming 30-day Social Media Cleansing Challenge is good for me.

Today, I took a good rest while keeping my room spick and span. I also did some simple and free shopping to stock up on my comforting food. In the coming days, I need to be more productive.

A memorable photo from yesterday’s forum ๐Ÿ’–

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