Day 27: Self-harm Free Challenge

It’s almost my bed time. Before falling asleep on my bed, let me write a short update for today. It’s just an ordinary day whereby I was just busy preparing 10 invitation letters for the upcoming forum. Today started late for me as I was trying to recover from my tiredness due to the great delay in the arrival time of my train. It was due to an unusual accident involving a collision with a wild boar.

After work, I got some sheets of personality tests done relaxedly as requested by the potential employer. Yes, you are right. The kindy I have been mentioning. I think this is very meaningful. As I imagine, positioning a person within an organisation according to one’s personality sounds like a great idea. With a conducive environment and the necessary technical or human support, one can strive to perform well on the job. Though certain body areas of mine are obviously covered with scars, I am glad enough to manage in getting a favourable response while reaching out to this organization for a part time job. For all my previous jobs, I have been telling lies about my mental health history.

Quote of the day from a spiritual senior: She always makes me feel belonged to the organisation despite my lack of involvement for more than the past five years 🌼🌹❤️ This brings echoes to my heart in conjunction with my yesterday’s post.

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