Day 26: Self-harm Free Challenge

My decision to resign will certainly not come with a bed of roses.

I am surely bound to meet challenges of various kinds along this new journey after my recent turning point.

This is life. It’s unpredictable. For a soul drenched with blue spirits like me, one always tends to see the darkness more often. Perhaps, life is painful. Sometimes, like my case, it’s not about eliminating the pain, but managing the pain. This is an important point to make as we have to be careful not to err on the side of self harming to distract oneself from mental pain for temporary but detrimental relief.

Why not I dive into my research of painful complexity? Why not I push myself for a muscle straining 30-minute Figurerobics session? Why not I bear the parental pain of babysitting and educating a bunch of kids? Why don’t I pick up my pen and reach inside the darkness within for ego-breaking transformation?

I can still feel the pain. And differently for a good way, this sort of pain makes me come alive. I am more awakened to my senses.

It’s not about predicting the future and making preparation to prevent the pain. I would say it’s about always living in the moment to the fullness. Our future is an unknown question mark (not a full stop) and all we can do is to strive hard from moment to moment and eventually pave the way for a better future. Always remember, I remind myself, transformation is in the progress. Start living now.

Here are some good life quotes to bring meaning and purpose to your life:

Gladly, I have four more days to go to finish this 30-day Self Harm Free Challenge. I just can’t wait to finish it and move on to other stimulating things in life. Writing daily is indeed a painful process.

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