Day 25: Self-harm Free Challenge

It was my hospital appointment today. As we know, the queue outside the psychiatrist’s room is always very long. Based on my experience, the attending doctor always keeps each consultation short and sweet. Despite this, I am glad enough to be entitled to the mental health support I have been receiving from the government hospital for so many years. I should be grateful, huh?

This is very costly but I am given free access to it throughout all these years.

I am just back to Kampar. My good friend picked me up from the train station. It saved me the hassle to call a Grab Car. Then, we went for our dinner. We had a great heart to heart friendship talk. I just realise how much time we have missed for such a great, recharging talk though his office room is just steps away from mine. We have been so busy with work and study.

Similarly, I feel that I have missed so many chances of spending quality time with my family. And, I have been absent for so many important family occasions. This is sad.

Gladly, I am resigning. And it’s time to find back my life balance.

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