Day 22/23: Self-harm Free Challenge

I am just done with FAS Faculty Day meant for our fellow first year students in supporting them with adjusting to life in the university. The day was slow yesterday as it was held from 10am to 4pm.

It was also my movie night yesterday. I was watching “Joker” with my friends for some chilling time. It felt a bit awkward for me while sitting side by side with them in the cinema as the movie protagonist plays a role which is so relatable to me, except that I am void of the tendency to kill. Haha… It’s certainly a movie which has been crafted with deep thoughts on mental health issues.

I went to bed very late as I had to pack my things to be carried home on the next day.

Today, after an office meeting, my family picked me up with all my stuff and now we are heading home.

Interestingly, before my office meeting, I accidentally bumped into a colleague whose invitation for a lunch with me today was turned down. We ended up having our late lunch together and it was my turn to cover the bill. We had a great chat about environmental education. I got to know that she also advocates child adoption and the use of rewashable sanitary pads, bath soaps, etc. We can relate to one another so well.

That’s all for now as I feel damn tired.

Joker that exists in all our beings to some extent (in accordance to my good friend who is a good film analyst:D)

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