Day 21: Self-harm Free Challenge

Today is a special day. I have been kept being reminded of my life purpose despite the intermittent urge to hurt myself in the past few days. No matter how, I will always make sure that the deep vocation for teaching will not die away without my knowledge.

Thanks to a colleague who treated me for lunch today. We hardly chat. The most we have had is the opportunistic 5 to 15-minute short chats while bumping into one another along the walkway or during office meetings. But she kept reminding me that she feels indebted to me as I generously shared my teaching materials and provided guidance when she first joined UTAR.

Knowing about my resignation, she approached me for a farewell meal. And guess what! We had a great chat. We were talking about how our hearts feel so deeply attached to teaching as our vocation. I feel excited for her when she is saying that she is considering her second PhD in early childhood education. The background for our conversation is the education landscape in Malaysia that needs thorough reformations. I guess it is the same in many places in this world almost swallowed by the heartbreaking social ills. She has just made my “inner fire” burn more vigorously.

Here, I am sharing an article which is perspective-changing for me:

I first learned about this from Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation that I am most probably going to work for as a kindy teacher on a part time basis in the coming days.

And I shall end this post with my favorite song that I first heard during my Master’s convocation in October 2017. This fuels my motivation to continue my life long learning (doing my PhD) so as to become a better teacher. And this awesome Malay song never fails to make tears brimming in my eyes.

“Gemuruh” by Faizal Tahir

#I am done with the preparation for exam questions.

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