Day 18: Self-harm Free Challenge

I think the culprit should be caffeine. Yesterday night, I literally didn’t sleep at all. The feeling of itchiness could be felt everywhere on my body during the night. I thought there were tiny insects crawling on my skin. But, when I reached out, it was always nothing. I checked my bedsheet. It looked clean. I changed my blanket. It became slightly better but I had passed my sleeping time by many hours, ending up having great difficulty to fall asleep. And I just didn’t like the hunger. Eventually, I woke up to clean my burn scar and the infected skin area then re-apply my scar gel and anti fungal cream.

Today, I have drunk two cups of chamomile tea and listened to some soothing music. Gladly, I managed to catch some forty winks. The good thing is that I managed to put down the sharp object and turned to pinching so as to negotiate with myself for a better outcome. I really do not want to be such a disappointment by counting from Day 1 again for my Self-harm Free Challenge.

Thanks to my best friend who cancelled her trip to go home and accompanied me for brunch and dinner as well as simple shopping in Econsave and Tesco.

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