Day 16: Self-harm Free Challenge

Today, I started to pack my stuff in the office since my last day of work is approaching very fast. While packing, I realised that I have wasted so much paper. This paper could actually be discarded into the recycle bins earlier, instead of left occupying my office territory unnecessarily. I think, for the exit survey I am going to answer, I am definitely going to recommend that the university should have a paper-saving campaign by encouraging all to use both sides of paper, avoid wrong printing, always use e-documents, print in the booklet size, opt for online feedback surveys…Haha…I am serious, ok? I love a spacious working environment, but this paper is such a clutter. It’s just like the clutter in my mind. Cleaning and tidying always gives me a clearer mind, as if I am getting rid of the mental baggage clogging my mind. And, from now onwards, I am definitely going to reduce my paper use. USE PAPER ONLY WHEN IT IS NECESSARY.

Homecooked chrysanthemum tea: The second love treat received yesterday (I can’t find a better picture today)

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