Day 15: Self-harm Free Challenge

Today, I exchanged kindness with the colleague who paid our bills. I passed to her some souvenirs I have collected from the recent overseas trip and she bought me some readily cut fruits (from my favourite stall, I guess and the little gift came with honeydew!).

It’s a free and easy day for me. I was just doing some reading. This was to help me in writing out the Welcome Speech for my research centre chairperson that is to be delivered during the coming forum about 21st Century Education. I can feel the satisfaction after hours of labor when polishing the 600+ word speech for the last few times. This is the second speech. The previous one is for our university’s Vice President. Let’s see if the speeches will be delivered word by word during my supposedly last activity in UTAR. I am excited about it! Nothing feels more like an accomplishment than the time when people acknowledge the quality of your writing. At least, it feels so for an avid writer.

Later, my good friends aka Malaysian style F4 are going to prepare us a vegetarian meal. I am looking forward to that. Stay tuned for the update:)

Update: Our home cooked vegetarian meal (ops…Forgot the herbal soup)

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