Day 13: Self-harm Free Challenge

Today, I spent hours cleaning my room and getting my clothes washed. For certain clothes and my blood tainted bedsheet, pillow cases and comforter, I am going to send them to the laundry tomorrow. I must have dirtied them while crying to sleep with my bleeding self-harm wounds. It’s time to get rid of all these stains which remind me of the unhappy memories. I am glad that today I have collected some happy memories. One colleague invited me out for lunch and then dessert. She even paid for both the bills. She is so caring that she has been reminding me to always look her up when I need a listening ear. In fact, I have opened up to her about my previous self harming behavior. She seems to have great understanding towards my condition. What she says is that I need a strong lifelong social support system. And, I believe she is right. It’s indeed my barrier to open up to people and be my true self in front of everyone. I guess it’s time that I slowly learn how to express what’s within me to make myself known to people, especially those who love me ❤

Nice-scented and clean bedsheet and pillow cases.

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