Day 10: Self-harm Free Challenge

Gladly, my ringworm is getting less serious that I manage to come out for sightseeing with them today. Our first station for today is Kumamoto.

One signature icon of this place is Kumamoto Castle. In Kumamoto Museum, we saw a diorama of Kumamoto Castle formed by minute pieces of Lego bricks. And, Lego bricks used to be my favourite toy set when I was still a kid.

This sparks some imagination in me. On this route of recovery, I need to rebuild myself by conjoining my scattered pieces to hold myself together. There should be distinct blocks of bricks for different purposes like physical health, mental health, financial independence, social support and others. Specifically, the Mental Health block is made up of discrete bricks, namely sleep, rest, leisure, balanced diet, physical workout, quality time, healthy mindset, independence and others. Of course, certain blocks are interconnected with other blocks. For example, the Physical Health block can sometimes be jeopardized by the poorly built Mental Health block. A few missing bricks might be still bearable, but too many missing ones will cause the whole build-up to tumble into debris.

#I promise that from today onwards, I will refrain myself from unnecessary scratching so as to prevent further damage to my lovely skin.

Kumamoto Castle, Japan

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