Day 9: Self-harm Free Challenge

It’s our fourth day in Japan. I am just fine but I have a little issue here. My lower right leg is kind of swollen with some redness. I think it must be ring worm again. Maybe because of frequent walking on foot, it looks more serious this time. I can feel pain whenever my right foot exerts force on the ground so I try my best to always stay on bed. It seems to have been infected or inflamed. Luckily, no fever. I am so careless that I do not bring my terbicip cream with me. Thankfully, my best friend who knows Japanese helped me to get one from a nearby pharmacy. If it is not getting better tomorrow, we are going to the doctor.I think it must be viruses that my scratched wound has contacted with from my hand that had touched so many unsanitized object surfaces in the public when moving around from place to place.

That’s the reason why I have made today just a relaxing stay in our hostel. I have been luxuriating in my double bed under the embracing comforter. Now that I still have the time, I will calm down myself by doing some therapeutic reading. Frankly, I have been crying to sleep and really need some personal time today. My menses seems to come at the wrong timing. And here’s the book I’m reading.

I have fallen in love with this book instantly when I first came across it online because I was once diagnosed as having schizophrenia.

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