Day 8: Self-harm Free Challenge

Yutoku Inari Shrine, Japan

This is our third day in Japan. We have two more days to go. One of the places we visited today is Yutoku Inari Shrine. At this tourist spot, there is a small lake. I remember seeing the fishes swimming towards me while I was standing on the bridge and looking at the mirrror-like lake surface. They must have mistaken that I was going to feed them. The fact is that I was just a curious tourist. In my life, I have a similar story whereby I have mistaken something due to my preconceived assumptions, mostly due to my pessimism. When I see some negative signs, I always tend to colour my future gloomily, thinking that I should brace myself for the worst. However, the world is not a totally dark, hopeless place after all:)

While thinking deeply, I realised that a young tourist was casting food into the river to satiate the fishes. All the fishes then moved in swarms swiftly towards that generous Samaritan. This reminds me of my basic need as important as food, which is mental health. It is indeed my legitimate need to get support for my mental health recovery. There is nothing to be ashamed of eventhough I have heard people judging that I will surely not able to focus on my PhD due lack of self-discipline after stepping out from my full-time job which comes with rigid deadlines.

This post is written in Takeo City Library, Japan. The library is so amazing😁

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