Day 4: Self-harm Free Challenge

During our flight to Busan Airport, there was a turbulence when landing down. Two attempts were made to land down but we ended up landing in Incheon Airport instead. The plane was so shaky that we could hear people vomiting. Some terrified faces could be seen around us. I closed my eyes to calm down and lessen the dizziness while holding my best friend’s hand.
It was because of the tropical storm in Busan. Thanks, God that we are now on a four-hour bus ride heading towards Busan train station.

2 thoughts on “Day 4: Self-harm Free Challenge

  1. It was so uncomfortable. I was telling myself…God, I let you decide and take care of everything as there is nothing that I can do now. Gladly, we have arrived in Busan safely. Now heading back to our hostel:) Thank you for your concern, Ashleyleia💕

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