Day 2: Self-harm Free Challenge

Pre-travel: In a few more hours, it will mark the beginning of our friendship trip to two main destinations, namely Busan and Fukuoka. Besides the recent family trip to Bangkok, I haven’t been out of the country for more than the past six years. During these six years, there were some overseas travel plans popping up, be it from my friends or family. However, I always turned it down or cancelled it at the very last minute. It always ended up that we only travelled locally. The main mental obstacle for me to leave work behind and go travelling was my Master’s dissertation that was yet to be completed. For this time, I am not bringing my laptop and I’m not going to work on my PhD proposal while travelling. I have decided to just leave all work behind and enjoy our quality friendship time while being abroad. Let’s call it my therapeutic trip. With great gratitude, I would like to thank my close friends who have spent time coming out with a great travel itinerary for us while taking care of all our pre-travel preparations and purchases. I am such a noob when it comes to travelling:D I am literally supporting the “flight-shaming” movement!

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