Away from the Rat Race, Back to Simplicity

After experiencing a period of turbulence for the past many months, I am craving for a taste of life. Not a strong, artificial taste. Not a subdued, processed taste. I’m looking for a taste that is unmistakable, simple, natural, comforting, soul healing, relaxing, calming, healthy, lovely…

I have lost touch with this appetizing taste of life for quite some time as I am too immersed in the ruts of life on this earth. As I live my days, I always join the rat race uninvitedly. I race day in, day out to the point of exhaustion, leaving myself to suffer not in the limelight. When I feel as if I have lost every ounce of my strength, I bite my lips and see the merry-go-round of my pathetic life. Then, I start to dread this rat race……this taste of life as salty as teardrops.

That’s why I set out on a journey to trace back the taste of life that I’ve been looking for all my life but the worldly attractions keep me chasing my own tails, achieving little in nearing the milestone of happiness where “ingredients” for a quality life are abundant. I’m glad that in recent days, this taste of life is coming back. Rather, it is becoming more accessible as I reach out for it.

This taste as I have described is not something extraordinary or record-breaking. It is hidden and can be found in the not-so-noteworthy places of our life. Although very ordinary yet its sweetness nudges us out of aimless pursuits to reassess what are the main “ingredients” for our happy, quality life. It can be a morning when you wake up early to greet the shining sun and morning dew. It can be an evening when you jog towards the shy sun trying to hide behind the horizon. It can be a cup of sugar-free coffee permeating your room with its refreshing aroma and awakening your soul by the sensitivity of your taste-buds. It can be a weekend when you just stay indoors to write up your next blog article. It can be a vegetarian meal that feeds your hunger and clears your blue spirits without giving you any guilt. It can be a friendly, merry get-together to rekindle human connections and brighten your dark moments. It can be a praise from a kind stranger who are determined to jolly up the world. It can be a short, budget get-away to find some solitude while surrounding yourself with those who really love you for who you are. It can be the end of the trimester for which you have worked hard to make way for worthwhile learning. It can be a call from home to remind you about the sanctuary that is always there waiting for you.

When you are too caught out in this rat race, learn to reassess your priorities and get in touch with the taste you have been looking for, heart and soul. To me, the greatest liberation means being unattached while being in the rat race, judging yourselves by your Creators’ eyes,  seeing things through people’s eyes but not only yours, loving people as if it is forever, forgiving mistakes and hurts but not forgetting, choosing the company who have faith in you, giving without expecting rewards, etc. 

It’s all being in the rat race without having to be led around by the nose. 

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