When reading alone is not lonely

While preparing for my “English for Engineering” class, I tried to think how to have a closing which was worthy of remembrance for my class. So, here goes… The take-home message for my students. 


This is one of my most favourite quotes. It’s from C.S. Lewis

Using my limited knowledge towards C.S. Lewis while trying to masquarade as a wise linguist in front of a bunch of first-year engineering novices, these words were spurted out of my mouth. I would like to share my piece of thoughts about this quote of C. S. Lewis here as it struck a chord deep in my heart when I first came across it. It has since sparked my nearly dormant interest in reading. I hope that this post can bring you some comforting thoughts swirling around this quote. 

In this era of Industry 4.0, we are constantly bombarded by a lot of information which is accessible at our fingertip. The body of knowledge carried by our information technology systems keeps growing second-by-second. Is there a possibility that we will be drowned in a sea of information while trying hard to wade through it to reach a conclusion of adequate objectivity? Sometimes, we would name this “information overload.” After all, is this flood of information something to celebrate?

Just like a skilful sailor, we just need to master the skills in surfing this sea of information. When we read about something that rings true for our heart, we feel an eluisve sense of connection with the writer whom we might not have met in this lifetime or even sometimes, who might be thousands of miles away from us. As we read about a sacred soul in a narrative story, we are inclined to unite ourselves with the character by blending in with the morals and values portrayed by the said character. We either gain  a sense of familiarity that assures our life pursuits or a sense of urgency to mould our own selves to be more like the sacred soul. To dub our reading a form of activity that breeds confirmation biases is a condemnation to ourselves. Reading feeds our hungry soul with love when we strive to understand the motives and motivations of writers behind all words. To be more exact, reading about a character similar to ourselves keeps us in company while reading about a character we aspire to be keeps us going on our paths of realising wishes and hopes. 

How if we have read about a character of indifference and hatred? How if we have read about a character infused with biasness and prejudice? Can this intoxicate our vulnerable soul? Can this turn you into a blinkered being? Is reading really good after all? With that said, how should we go about reading? We should never be idle in deciphering words in others’ pieces of writing to get a glimpse of the darkest side of human soul. There is no real darkness, but only the absence of understanding love to brighten up the place somewhere deep in a soul intertwined with problems and hurts.  

Presented in giving reverance for yesterday’s Deepavali (6 November 2018) celebrated in my country, Malaysia as well as other parts of the world where Hindus inhabit.

Reading about the negativities in people’s life can shake us out of our complacency, spuring us to look into our efforts in making sure that our candles of bliss will continue to burn so as to light up the darkest corners we have come across or ever decided to visit. Besides, reading can serve as a self-reminding tool for us to further examine ourselves if we have erred on the side of egoism. By shedding light on our ego, we are awaken to the presence of people’s suffering, in turn moved to acknowledge our identity as a human race trying to build a lovely community here, but not just separate individuals.

Click here for a complementary song from Justin Bieber, which is my favourite.

From the perspective of engineering and religiosity, reading technical descriptions and process analyses can remind us of how the intricate designs of this universe have inspired so many engineering inventions which are actually replicas of God’s creations. All kinds of chemical reactions, ways of atomic flows and varieties of biological processes are evidences of God’s presence and His Divine maneuvers. As an engineer for the sake of humanity, one should work towards human solutions that are of God’s way without interupting in the harmonious cycles of this universe. 

#Self-harming thoughts are still lurking in the background sometimes, and diarhhea seemingly signalling IBS is intermittent but writing this makes me feel more connected to our human race and also Divine maneuverer. I guess it is time to clear my reading list. Let’s hope that we can find time in the final season of 2018.

Click here to know how to evaluate the quality of your reading content.

Last but not least, thank you for reading about me here. Here, in WordPress, I might have read about you as well. Thanks once again for reminding me that we are all not alone. Looking forward to more of this companionship  ❤

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Some helpful contact details for the mental health warriors:
Online forum: http://depression-understood.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=6&sid=a90aa4711e2a56027c0eda30d4ade785
E-counselling: https://www.betterhelp.com/start/?modal=1&go=true&utm_source=Bing&utm_medium=Search_PPCc&utm_term=ecounseling_p&utm_content=3972357161&network=o&placement=%7Bplacement%7D&target=%7Btarget%7D&matchtype=p&utm_campaign=262343649&ad_type=text&adposition=%7Badposition%7D&msclkid=188e64f7938b135eab8b3fe84771c835&not_found=1&gor=start
Suicide prevention lines: https://www.befrienders.org/


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