Hugging the blue skies

Is that your love which has been inebriating my soul? 

I think it is just about my delusions.

There are many times when I am bubbling over with your love.

But I know it’s just my stupidity for thinking that I cotton on to your love.

On my knees, I am clawing my way back to the reality.

While I am bleeding,

my heart decides not to wait further for you to kiss my wounds better.

Here comes the time when I am more accepting towards imperfection.

As long as it comes out of the goodness of my heart,

I have no rankling resentment,

but to just put all the negativities down to experience.

I have learnt how to breathe for the days to come.

When life upsets me,

I remind myself to take a second bite at the cherry.

This is our journey of human experiences.

No more chasing our own tails,

But let’s write the stories we have spent our whole life dreaming for.

Life is like a page-turner.

It keeps you flipping day-to-day.

My heart misses you.

But I miss the blossoms of Spring even more.

Either I have lost you or I have never had you,

it doesn’t matter.

The thing to remember is that they remain here although I never ask for. 

I celebrate these miraculous get-togethers during the rains in my alternate reality.

Gladly, the cross-eyed bears have made me an emotionally independent girl.

In life, people come and ebb away.

And I only keep those who never twist the knife in my wound.

Growing old, I have learnt not to take every word as Gospel.

Diving blindly into every word causes me to lapse into depression.

During depression, you never fail to amaze me.

My hunger for your love keeps me waiting.

I am addicted to your treasure.

Your presence is like a fluttering butterfly, only to be seen for seconds.

But I heard a whisper to my heart that it’s fine without you.

Life keeps sweetening me up with fortuitous coincidences.

Deep down, I know there is an inconspicuous reason behind my blessed life.

Little treats in life keep enticing my senses, asking me to stay for more.

Although imperfect, life has much more beauty for me to witness.

I will keep dancing among the roses in life.

Thorns of roses might hurt accidentally,

but this strengthens my growing wings to hug the expansive blue skies.

Sometimes, I might cast my mind back to when my wings were broken with ineptness.

But, that’s not the reason to refrain from spreading my healed wings and flying high.

Let’s blaze a trail in the sky where only superheroes fly!

I hope that you enjoy this! Here is my favourite soundtrack from Westlife to bring this to a beautiful close ❤

The Rose by Westlife:

assorted color of rose flowers
Photo by David Bartus on


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