My life is short but beautiful

My daddy has drawn his last breath
His time on the earth has added breadth to mine
It’s short but beautiful

For every year, my students come and leave
Most of them leave with at least a little better preparedness to face our world of unscrupulous systems
It’s short but beautiful

My happiness seems very fleeting due to the unbreakable tie with schizophrenia
I always ride through the storms, coming out with stories to hold dear in my heart
It’s short but beautiful

My love always pours out to him but he doesn’t need it
My love language gives him nothing but nurtures my self-sufficiency
It’s short but beautiful

God always hurls me temporary life tests which seem impossible to transcend with my mere human strength
For every test, He walks with me through every moment, rain or shine, whispering in my ear that I am more than I have ever known
It’s short but beautiful

Friends come and go as time passes by
Each of them move on to a new chapter of life, leaving us with better vision towards our completeness
It’s short but beautiful

Life is fragile in the face of illnesses and accidents
Every moment we invest in counts towards our life meaning
It’s short but beautiful

Monsters spring out in my mind from time to time, always with an iron fist in a velvet glove to steal away my happiness
I always send them away by shining my god-gifted rays of hopes
It’s short but beautiful

Successes are not perennial
Our inner growth through knocking down each stumbling block is everlastingly timeless
It’s short but beautiful

Promises are sometimes easily made and easily broken
What remains is all about indestructible faith and undying commitment
It’s short but beautiful

Life is all about the endlessness of pains and disappointments which always dims our torchlight for lighting the way towards heavenly infiniteness
Yet, we are never the same as every second ticks, always progressing along the journey of transformation for a greater breakthrough
It’s short but beautiful

Our life stories are short of scandals and speculations
Yet, every story gives us the key to unlock our locked answers to our life’s biggest questions about meaningfulness
It’s short but beautiful

“I love you,” “I’m sorry,” “thank you,” “you are welcome,” “I forgive you,”…are just a few words in length
Once uttered from the bottom of my heart, its mending power for broken hearts is imaginably immense and more words will be superfluous
It’s short but beautiful

#I had been feeling blues in every ounce of my blood, every piece of my ligaments and every pound of my muscles. It was very difficult moment-to-moment since I woke up this morning. Though I am mentally better recently and have unsubscribed from TheHelpTalk which provides e-counselling services, depression still slips in sometimes without me realizing it. There are times when life is beautiful but there are also times when it doesn’t seem to be so. Despite that, I will always remember my e-counsellor’s timeless words: Imperfectly perfect. Poetry seems to be always the only way to paint a picture of my imperfect life in all the perfect ways that are made possible with determination and reflection efforts. Do you have other ways to recommend? Do let me know:)

Some helpful contact details for the mental health warriors:

Online forum:
Suicide prevention lines:

Thank you:) Stay safe!

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