A tribute to my daddy

It is already the 43th day of mourning for my late daddy. Today, I would like to dedicate a tribute for my daddy in terms of his admirable qualities and selfless sacrifices.

My dad had a difficult childhood as he had grown up in a home environment where money was just enough to make ends meet. Since the age of a young boy, he went out to the paddy field almost every day to make a living with his father who is also my late grandfather. He had been taught since young that money doesn’t grow on trees. He knew that if someone aspires for something, one needs to work hard towards it.

Although he didn’t have the privilege for good education or he himself was not the studious kind (Ha…ha…), he managed to build his business empire from scratch. When he first started his workshop for manual repairing and counter selling of motorcycle spare parts, his pockets only contained a few hundred bucks. Both my mum and dad needed to tighten their belts in order to put food on the table. There was just a slow trickle of customers before their business has picked up momentum. I still remember that my mum shared with me how they had saved money for meeting family expenses by not turning on the fan to keep the electricity bill low. Worse still, sometimes, they were just having porridge for main meals. Thankfully, my mum had stayed with my dad through thick and thin despite all the arduous financial challenges.

My mum actually comes from a wealthy family but she has put aside all her glory and pleasure as a “princess” and willingly went through all the ups and downs in their marriage life which was encumbered with bills and bills to be cleared. Love made their marriage stand strong despite the hurls and hurls of physical and mental tests. My mum was steadfast enough to play her role well as my dad’s workshop assistant-cum-dedicated-housewife.

Same goes to my daddy. He toiled days and nights to do the repairing work in order to keep dollars rolling in. With sufficient dollars in hand, the kids would get the chance to buy their first toy, receive the medical treatment they needed (I had asthma), enjoy sumptuous and nutritious home cooking, dress in their brand new clothes, buy their school bags and other things needed to attend the school, etc.

My daddy hardly spent money on himself lavishly. He used to be a minimalist who only bought what he needed for most of the occasions. Every time when it was a extravagant purchase for himself, he always considered many times before making the deal. We, the kids have always been at the forefront of his mind. Before he luxuriated in something, he always made sure that his wife and kids also had the privilege. That’s why he was well-known among our relatives and villagers for his thriftiness. He only spent money to buy us happiness, instead of pampering himself with all the good money.

With him as the pillar of our family’s financial woes, we had no worries but were asked to put our full focus on study matters and work diligently for flying colour academic results. From time to time, he would fulfill our needs for fancy toys and electronic luxuries (e.g.: little technological innovations for academic purposes) to make our childhood colourful and excited. Besides, he had always instilled in us the values of hard work, perseverance, self-care, creativity (e.g.: he fixed my laptop’s flip after a computer technician found that repairing it was to no avail; he fitted a door latch for me based on his own measurements; he made a “net” for me to use as a teaching aid when I was teaching the word “net”, etc.), thriftiness (save for the unpredictability of life), filial piety (how he treated my grandparents as well as his in-laws), helpfulness (his donations and efforts to help the village/community) and a lot more.

He had worked laboriously into his old age ever since his childhood as he worked as a farmer. All his hard work has contributed to who we are today in an unprecedented, positive manner. He has breathe his last breath. However, his spirit is eternal. Though his spirit has left his mortal body which disintegrated into the atmosphere through cremation, I have the deep faith that his spirit always remains intact. His love is the unchanged truth. He is no longer around but I secretly hope that we will gather together as a family again on another level of consciousness.

Both my daddy and I always had different views towards many matters because of the year I was born in…because of my comfortable childhood of abundance…because of the education I have received after revolutions. However, he has always expressed his view genuinely from the bottom of his heart by putting our interests at the forefront of his mind.

We shall continue to ensure the burning of his torch of love and hope by practicing the values he has instilled in us through his exemplary life so that his brightness can be magnified to benefit all the folks continuously. I will love my future kids as how he has loved me.








♥♥♥♥♥Some of our best memorable pictures ♥♥♥♥♥

Last but not least…

tli_princess_quotes_and_Appreciate your king of kings at home:)

Even when the whole world forsakes me or goes against me, I know that the spirit of my king of kings always has abundant love and faith in me.

2 thoughts on “A tribute to my daddy

  1. Thank you so much for your appreciation and concern. I had a good read. Such an interesting and inspiring article of yours. Thanks for sharing! I am sure you are a good father. Your son is very blessed indeed to have been adopted by you. I am sure that both of you can write many heart-warming stories on the pages of Life. By the way, I am feeling better now. Though still depressed sometimes, I have learnt not to act based on the depressed feelings but to let the feelings pass. Time is the best healer, I guess. Of course, I will keep fighting by doing what I love. Thank you for your rays of healing! This helps me to keep going:) All the best to you too:D

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  2. This is touching on several levels. Maybe I would not have read it in the past, but now I am the daddy too — of a five year old adopted boy. And I am seeing a renaissance of my childhood worldview within his daily experiences. I love him so unreservedly. You seem so interesting… I wish I could extend across the web with healing rays to understand and ameliorate your depression, for there is such appreciation of beauty inherent within you. I too was involved with theoretical linguistcs back in my time. You can read something I wrote about ti here, if you like:
    I wish you well!

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