Let’s say “Yes, I do.”

“Yes, I do.”

This is the sweetest sentence we always hear in the church when a man and a woman vow to be united as one in front of our greatest witness, the Mighty God.

This sentence doesn’t definitely herald an easy sail of marriage.

For all the time, it means the birth of a kingdom to be ruled by a king and a queen which is to be maintained with understanding, faithfulness, tolerance and acts of love.

Marriage is actually like every human being’s life.

You can enjoy a happy, sweet married life even if you are single.

It’s time to say “yes, I do” to your life.

Marry your life and you shall be embraced with merriment.

My bridegroom is not perfect; our life is not perfect,

I always accept the imperfections I see in my another half; we should accept the bad luck and failures in our life,

I always see the stories behind his every imperfection with great understanding; we always see God’s good intention behind every bad life event with great understanding,

Kerfuffle in marriage is temporary and can always be overcome with tolerance and acceptance; Life storms are temporary and can always be overcome with tolerance and acceptance,

I will never leave and he will always stay because unbreakable trust is the foundation of our marriage; I will never give up on life and God will always with me every single moment because unbreakable faith is the foundation of life,

I would like to explore life with him and keep learning about the wonder of love; we would love to explore humanity with our Mighty God and keep learning about the wonder of God’s creations and plans,

I never get bored of him; we never get enough of God,

I always see his soul blooming magically in front of me; we always see God’s mighty love, righteousness and mercy,

his rays of hope always shine through my heart; God’s mighty power always lingers in my heart,

his absence makes my heart grow fonder towards him; God’s absence makes my heart feel a longing for Him,

he is immortal in my heart; God is forever in my heart,

Our married life has ups and downs but yet we love staying together; our life has challenges and disappointment but yet we love everything God throws at our life,

he clears my loneliness; God walks with me in my loneliness,

he is my knight in shining armor; God is my Savior who gives me salvation,

he kisses away my tears; God comforts me in my prayers,

he makes me say “yes” to our marriage; God makes me say “yes” to my life,

I accept him as who he is; I accept my life as how it has been designed artistically by God,

I love him; I have faith in God,

“his wife” is not my only label as there are more to life; no religion shall be my label as there are various perspectives for us to have a glimpse of God and we all pray to the same God.

Yes, I do:)







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