Goodbye to the old self, let’s renew

2017 has just ended. I have let my old self die and here’s my new self which has just been reborn. After reading the book by Deepak Chopra which entitles “The Book of Secrets,” I have a better idea of how to live my 2018. It’s a good book. If you love this post, you might want to consider this book for your 2018 wish list.

What I have learned from this book and how I have been inspired by it:

  1. Every new year, month, week or day should be a new beginning. As said by biologists, the cells in our body die away after weeks or months depending on their roles in our body while new cells grow to replace the old ones. This law of nature whereby an organism dies away and gets replaced applies to every single being who breathes on the earth as well as non-living things. The secret of rebirth has been here all this while since the world has been created. It’s just that some of us are not aware of it. Even you deny the truth of this law, it still affects you every second of your life.
  2. We tend to form our self-worth based on our past experiences. However, we need to be aware that our self worth is not based on the memory bank in our head. We haven’t got the capability to form our self worth based on our past lives which run back to many past generations, but we should know that we worth more than just this life. Therefore, to know our self worth, we need to know our creator who have washed away our sins with His omnipresent love which encompasses forgiveness. What we need to do in order to feel worthy is just surrendering to His plans.
  3. If human beings, animals and plants are subjected to the law of nature where there is always renewal, the same goes to all matters and this earth. So, who is the creator of this law/plan? Let’s think of this world as the playground of our creative creator who has the abundance of love for all His inhabitants. We cannot deny the existence of love in this world as I am sure you have felt love at some points of your life, no matter how bad you are feeling at this point. Love is not limited to time and place but it is omnipresent. It’s in our heart and you can try to search deep within. Love makes us blissful and vulnerable to hurts. It’s our weakness as a human being to fall deep in love and fall out of love but that’s the roller coaster of our lives which makes it adventurous and allows us to be stronger, wiser, more loving so as to share more likeness with our creator. Enjoy His playground!
  4. We cannot deny the truth of karma which dictates the cause-and-effect cycle. As we can see in this world, for every single event which has been manifested in front of our eyes, be it small or big, there is a cause. Every effect comes from its cause. Sometimes we can find the root cause of a problematic event and deal with it successfully, but sometimes the perplexity of the problem causes the root cause to be hidden. When this happens, no matter how helpless you feel, remember that this is a well-designed playground and our Creator is taking care of it. When the right time comes, the answer will be revealed. Have faith in the sophistication of his design as you can feel the wonder of cell renewal in your body without even catching a glimpse of it. As you see around you, you can sense the same law of nature at work, just like how He turns a caterpillar into a butterfly which shares no similarities with the previous caterpillar. There are many more transformations, just pay your attention to the beauty of this world.
  5. Where there is a birth, there will be a death as the right time comes. However, we do not just vanish into nothing after death. We will be transformed into a new self after our death, according to the cause-and-effect law. When we have gained enough adventure from this life, our immortal soul will leave this temporary body and move on for the next adventure. If you are afraid of separation with your loved ones, let me calm you. Always believe that you and your loved ones might be apart by distance but they are always in your heart as love is never limited by time and place. Believe in the electromagnetic waves of love which will attract your loved ones back to your side. Someday, you will be with them again, maybe to create new storylines or read through your old, good stories.

This is the end of my reflection after reading the wonderful book. Thank you and Happy New Year! Say goodbye to your old self and meet your renewed self which is not defined by past experiences, decisions, habits, fear, wishes, hopes, worries, sadness, etc. It’s time to change your mindset and open yourself to new possibilities in life. Live your real self as you go.



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