When anxiety strikes me…

I easily feel anxious as if I am observed all the time.When a wrongdoing is discovered and the culprit has not been found, I will feel very anxious even though I am not the culprit. It is because I am fearful that people will accuse me for the wrongdoing even though I have not committed it. Sometimes, my anxious look will cause people to be suspicious towards me. This makes the thing worse. The worst scenario will be the time when I am accused for something I have not done. Luckily, this seldom happens as there is still fairness in the society. Moreover, I have been known to be a law-obeying person by all people. I am so concerned about people’s perceptions that I obey most of the laws, including the insignificant ones all the time so as to avoid any judgement.
I over-apologize all the time, making me like a suspect. Even when the other party is at fault, I will still apologize. I always think that I am the one to be blamed even though I have done nothing wrong. This leads to the possibility of me being abused and bullied by others. I always feel as if I owe the world everything.
When I am anxious, I am also paralysed. I just can’t do anything and end up in unhappiness. It’s killing me. I know it’s not my fault and I need not feel bad about it. However, I can’t help myself but to feel helpless.