My New Lappie

I’m now using my new laptop.  The reason I have changed to this new laptop is because my old laptop is already “seriously sick.” Its keyboard is spoilt. Some of its keys are no longer able to detect human typing. Not only that, the battery is no longer “alive” and it can only function when there is an electric plug connected to it.
Although my old laptop has been spoilt very long ago, it did take me quite some time to get myself this new one. I had been using an eternal keyboard before I got the new laptop. It was kind of troublesome as I needed to carry the old laptop together with my external keyboard wherever I went besides making sure that an electric plug was available when I needed to use my old laptop.
When I was in the silent zone of the university library, I just didn’t care how noisy I was when I was typing on my external keyboard. Luckily, nobody cared even though there was a big sign saying that typing noise is not allowed.
How could the keyboard be spoilt? Frankly, my tears were the culprit. There were times when I cried while typing my dissertation. I have been crying consistently every week for almost more than a year. My tears wetted the keyboard and spoilt it.
I was so depressed and stressed up with my Master’s research that I just didn’t have the time to go shopping for a new laptop.
Finally, I submitted my dissertation for examination and got myself this new laptop. I love it. It comes with so many amazing functions. And, I am more brilliant now. I always make sure that I have my keyboard protector whenever I cry.