Mission Accomplished

I have submitted my Master’s dissertation. This marks the end of my student life in University of Malaya (UM) as well as a soon-to-arrive challenging journey of my work life in UTAR.

I can’t deny that I have never felt so relieved for the past three years. It has taken me almost four years to complete my Master’s study. I would like to say thanks to many people whose paths have crossed with mine for good reasons during this arduous journey with UM.

In Feb 2014, I reached PJ with a hopeful heart, feeling excited about the beginning of my student life in UM. However, I was then bombarded with study stress and loneliness.

During my first year of study, I ended my relationship with a guy after just two weeks of dating. The breakup was a big blow to me, aggravating my loneliness.

As I saw the majority of my peers were earning their first bucket of gold while I was still dependent on my study scholarship and parents’ monthly allowances, I felt really left out. I had a hard time socializing with my friends. However, I was glad to have a few friends who actually cheered me up by paying for my meals during our meet-ups once in a while.

One of these friends, Jackie actually passed away last year. This was another big blow. I remember crying for hours when I was informed of her demise. Her kindness is always remembered.

Besides this friend, there were another two people whose demises affected me in terms of emotion at a deep level. They are my late grandfather and colleague. I had also cried terribly for their departure to another world of consciousness. I remember calling my grandfather and how he joked with me when he was on his hospital bed. He seemed to be improving in terms of health, but left us out of the sudden.

My late colleague, Ms. Sim wasn’t a close friend of mine. We were not teammates too. However, when I listened to her life story, I felt very inspired by her love, courage and dedication to people around her. Her inspiring life is certainly what I look up to.

Despite the sadness, I can’t deny that there has been happiness throughout this journey. In my first year of study, I was lucky to have three friendly roommates (Chai Ling, Wen Tyn & Emberly). We had a good time staying in the same room which cost each of us less than RM150 per month.  They cleared my loneliness.

I won’t forget the housemate, Jing Ping who was staying in the same unit too. We went for a marathon run together. She always accompanied me at the dining table while I was doing my assignments and others.

During classes, I got to know a few classmates from China. Despite our cultural differences, we had a good time hanging around together. They have given me lots of happy memories.

Of course, I won’t forget my friend, Stippie who was my driver to go for classes during the one year when I was a full-time student in UTAR. He had a good listening ear.

I also have a few seniors (Wen Xin, Hui Xin, etc.) who always gave me encouragement and guidance face-to-face or through WhatsApp when I had doubts about my study life in UM.

After one year of being a full-time student, I joined UTAR as a tutor. In UTAR, I have met many amazing colleagues. They have been supportive too. We have a good time working together and I have learned a lot from working together with them.

I won’t forget other random people like my cousin, Joon, my childhood friend, Hooi Sim, my ex-colleagues, Lillian, Huoi Yin and Shin Yee, my junior, Sue Ann and many others. There should be more people for me to say thanks. Do remind me if I miss out your name here.

I am so blessed with all these beautiful people, especially my family members. My mum and dad also always stand by my side no matter what happens. When I need to be in UM for my appointments with my Master’s supervisor, Dr. Sridevi, my elder brother, Sze How will always be my driver. My sister-in-law always makes me feel home during my stay in KL. Besides, I have a younger brother who always jokes to cheer me up.

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to my Master’s supervisor, Dr. Sridevi Sriniwass for her hard work in supervising me. I have seen tremendous improvements in me since the beginning of my research journey with her. Many people expressed their doubts and discouraging criticisms towards my research but I am glad to have my supervisor as my light-house which guided my way when I felt lost and demotivated. It was challenging for her to supervise me as I have been struggling with my academic language and presentation styles in writing. She has lots of patience to share everything she knows with me.

Thank you, all my loved ones!    Hope you are doing good.


My  Master’s supervisor (Right) and me (Left).


My Master’s dissertation.


A congratulatory gift from the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, UM.


This is what I found in my congratulatory gift from the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics, UM.