Live forever by being an organ donor

A presentation about “Organ Donation” by a student in my Language for Negotiation and Persuasion class reminded me that my organ donor card was outdated and it was time to apply for a new version of organ donor card.
It was an inspiring and meaningful presentation. I have learnt that the culture of organ donation is rarely practiced by most Malaysians. Therefore, I feel the urgent need to share with you the goodness of being an organ donor.
Here are two links for the online news about a heart-warming story of organ donation:
We live forever through what we give. Let’s save our humanity and make this world a place full of love and hope.
Death is inevitable. Someday, our loved ones will leave us in order to depart for another world of consciousness. Having the flesh of our loved one who has passed away in another breathing human being is a miraculous way to maintain your loved one’s legacy.
You will never know what much the beneficiaries of your loved one’s organs will benefit from this good deed. Let the love cycle go on. As we help others who are needy, the needy will pay it forward by helping others or you someday. You will never know.
My old organ donor card obtained in 2009 and the new version of my organ donor card just obtained recently.
If you have the old version, don’t forget to get the new version by visiting