Feminine Power for Going Green

The picture below shows my favourite new products which I would like to introduce to you. They are Washable Sanitary Napkin, Washable Panty Liner and Waterproof Sanitary Napkin Bag. Read further for their goodness.


I am not a person who can live totally without straws, tissue papers, air-conditioning, etc. but I can live without disposable sanitary napkins. All of us should know that countless straws are being thrown away everyday after a single use. On average, each working adult uses 1.5 straw in one day.

I use less tissue papers by making it compulsory to have my handkerchief with me every time when I go outdoors. Whenever I have just finished pooping, I try to use just water for cleaning, instead of pulling a few sheets of toilet paper.

I also try to limit the use of air-conditioning since it can release harmful gases into the air. And, I try to open all the windows and door, turn on the maximum power of my ceiling fan, take a cool bath and wear a scanty singlet.
Today, I would like to share with you my newly formed habit which is good for our environment. Now, I am slowly phasing out the use of disposable sanitary napkins/panty liners. And, I am switching to Washable Sanitary Napkins/Panty Liners. You just imagine how many single-use sanitary napkins are thrown away by ladies into sanitary dustbins every single day. So, let’s use our feminine power to go green.
After using these new products, I feel like stopping the use of the disposables all together. They are too good. No leaking. Always stays in place. So, no worries.
I know you are worried about the washing process. However, it only takes roughly five minutes to wash each sanitary napkin. It’s kind of easy to wash away the blood stain. Besides, they dry up very fast after washing.
And, I don’t have to find a way to hide or throw my used disposables while I am at home without a sanitary dustbin. I love this new way of staying feminine.