Bestie’s Wedding

Yesterday, it was my best friend’s wedding. Her name is Deepa. I am indeed happy for her. Although I don’t know her husband, Vinnoth in person, I know he is a loyal, sincere and trustworthy man.
I have heard some of their love stories. Their journey from just being friends to a married couple today has certainly been not easy. Despite the long distance and challenges within and without their relationship, both of them stay strong and hold on to one another. They are indeed the sweetest couple.
I am lucky enough to be in her bridesmaid team. There were six of us consisting of a Malay, 3 Chinese and 2 Indian. They are Ummaizah,  Christina, Joanna Tiffany, Subashini, Santhana and me. This multi-racial bridesmaid team indeed symbolizes the unity among different races in Malaysia as well as our inter-racial friendship at work. It was a great chance to catch up and care for everyone. Friendship is a connection that heals.
I have schizophrenia and have always been suffering from low self-esteem. Although I only meet Deepa for a great chat once in a blue moon, whenever I meet her, I always feel better after chatting with her. She is a confident and down-to-earth lady. Her shining character has inspired me and she has been there to build my self-esteem and remind me how valuable I am. She is never judgment and always supportive. After every meeting with her, I feel energized. I also learn to love myself more by being authentic. Thank you for everything, Deepa.
Here is the best picture of the day:
Me (Right) and the most beautiful bride (Left):
Deepa, wish you and your hubby a wonderful married life together.