An Evening Jog

Here are some snapshots from my evening jog.



It was a lonely jog. I shut myself from the world. While jogging, I couldn’t help but kept thinking negatively. I was thinking about people who have been turning a cold shoulder to me and also people who have been taking advantage of me.
However, my thoughts about them might not be true. Maybe I am just paranoid. Suddenly, I am determined to walk my own path and stop expecting love for others. My soul feels tired after some disappointments. Maybe there are people who truly love and care. Sadly, I can’t feel it even though I have been pretending that I feel it.
During my lonely jog, a lady said hello to me out of a sudden. She was a smiley stranger. Apparently, she thought I am a student. We had a short and warm hearted chat. How I hope my friends treat me everyday like how this stranger treated me!
Maybe everyone has a life. They can’t afford to spend time on me. I should be understanding. No… No more understanding. I am exhausted. It’s time to walk my own path. Expectations lead to disappointments. I don’t like the feeling of being dumped aside or treated like trash.