Love Letter for Myself

  1. Love those who love and support you when you are a nobody, not those who love and support you only when you are useful or successful
  2. Appreciate those who let you handle your life challenges by yourself while standing by your side to give assistance and guidance if necessary, not those who help you to handle everything on your behalf despite your initiative
  3. Believe everybody, good and bad people. But don’t do bad things even if being asked by someone you believe to do it.
  4. No dramas in your life and don’t listen to dramas in others’ lives. Stay away from dramas as you have energy enough for only the present moment
  5. It’s not lonely to be alone, be it eating alone, sleeping alone, staying alone, shopping alone while having your me-time. It is extremely alone while you focus on other people, instead of taking care of yourself while being alone.
  6. Don’t follow the trend. Do it if you feel like doing it. Believe it if you feels it’s true. Say it if you feels the need to say it. Quit if you feels happy doing so.
  7. Money can’t find you happiness. Passion and effort to change lives in many positive ways makes you go on and want to live one more day happily every single day.
  8. Forgive and forget is the best exercise for the strength and width of your heart. Blaming and hating wears you down even though other people are at fault.
  9. Don’t let your emotions and thought be driven by people and things around you. Own your own emotions and thought.
  10. Stay away from those people who build their happiness at the expense of your happiness, although it seems to be a noble act to sacrifice for others’ happiness. Your happiness should be your priority. You should also not build your happiness by degrading people coz your value is not measured based on others’ values, but you are valuable by your own.