Is love permanent?

I have just made a decision to move on

No longer clinging to an unfruitful friendship which just won’t blossom into a relationship

As I spend more time with my family during the long Raya break,

the more I realize what is love and how permanent it is

The love from my family is always there and permanent

No matter how I have changed and what I have done wrong

I can always opt to go home for comfort and security

and they will always try their very best to clean up my messes

Yes, we might be apart one day when some of us pass away

however, our family love is always true and permanent

only death shall we apart

My family pouring love has taught me how to differentiate true love and fake love

Sometimes, I might be lonely working alone in another city to the extent that…

I create numerous excuses for a man who don’t give me true love

Using the excuses to cover the fact that he can’t give me true love

while reminding myself that I haven’t done enough to obtain his true love

that’s enough

True love needs nothing and it just pours out from your heart genuinely

If I put in effort to build our friendship without any appreciation from him

it’s time to stop doing that and move on

Coz this is definitely not true love

as I do not need to be brilliant, successful, creative, pretty, etc. in order to be loved by my family

Love is unconditional

I should not let him “condition” my love and degrade my self-worth

Not obtaining his love has nothing to do with my life qualities or performance

Knowing what true love is will prevent you from investing in a wrong person

The right person shall not wait to be touched by you but he will always come to you easily like your family

Life is tiring when you do not know what’s true love

Life is tiring when you have lost your directions in this love journey

In fact, our life is not tiring no matter how difficult it is if we know what’s true love

Happiness is not about what you think your happiness should be

Happiness is not how you think happiness should look like

Happiness is about knowing what you have

Happiness is about appreciating all the true love in your life

Happiness is about living at this moment as if it is all you have ever had and will have