Make emotions your friends

For the last few years, I have been having endless emotion turmoil

It is mainly because of romance and relationships

Recently, I have read a book about mindfulness


I spent a few days reading the book after I have submitted my dissertation

And I have gained a lot for this book

I have learnt that all emotions, be it positive or negative, are our good friends

Sometimes, our emotions remind us of the importance to act in order to create positive changes

Sometimes, our emotions point us to our unfinished business during our dark childhood so that we can release the baggage from our history, forgive everyone including ourselves and be free

Sometimes, our emotions tell us what matters in our life

Sometimes, our emotions tell us what are our beliefs and values so that we can live out our beliefs and values

Sometimes, our emotions tell us to give up and look for another track which is truly meant for us

Sometimes, our emotions keep us away from insincere and toxic people so that we can surround ourselves with people who care for us sincerely

Sometimes, our emotions tell us how to act rightfully based on our collection of past memories and life lessons

Sometimes, our emotions make us to be here and now to savour the sweetness and bitterness of our life

Sometimes, our emotions pull us back to our reality and make us alive to appreciate every moment

Sometimes, our emotions help us to understand our vulnerability, dark secrets and bias

Sometimes, our emotions teach us to widen our perspectives

Sometimes, our emotions provide an opportunity for us to harness our emotional intelligence

I won’t fight against my love emotions towards you

Sometimes, you gives me positive emotions

sometimes, bad emotions too

I shall accept all the emotions you have provoked in me indirectly

Face all the emotions and show compassion to myself when I am overwhelmed by the negative ones

I shall be honest and face all the emotions directly

However, I also learn to self-sooth when the emotions are killing me

Then, I won’t act in a way which is harmful to myself and others even though my emotions call for the harming actions

I feel my emotions but I won’t act irrationally and selfishly because of my emotions

However, I let my emotions to just create beautiful things

I shall minimize the harms to myself and others by not acting blindly based on my emotions

I shall not judge my emotions negatively

I also accept negative emotions as part of me for self-understanding and self-exploration

Both positive and negative emotions are my friends for self-growth and miracles