Alone is fine

Recently, I have an epiphany

Maybe it is because I have submitted my dissertation and things have slowed down a bit

I remember my conversation with Deepa whereby I have learned some valuable lessons

What I have learned is that I do not need a checklist to be perfect in order to achieve my happiness

Coz our checklist is always unrealistic

My previous checklist goes like this…pretty…young…successful…productive…many friends…good leadership….brilliant…(endless)

It is okay to be fat and lazy sometimes

As long as we are happy and comfortable under our skin

My happiness doesn’t depend on what people say about me, what people think of me, but what I feel inside….Happiness based on people doesn’t work coz there are just too many people in this world who treats you differently

Only you know how you have lived, how you have fallen, how you have hurt, how you have forgiven, how you have tried to live it through

so only you know the value of your life well, only you can judge your life, not people.

The first step to slim down is actually to love yourself, love your fat body and everything you are

Once you love yourself from your feet to toes, you have accepted your flaws and still manage to love yourself unconditionally

When you really love yourself, the efforts to take good care of yourself by slimming down, updating your favourite blog, reading your favourite materials, finishing the assigned projects….and so on will come easily

You will need the least effort to do all the things. then you start to realize that some items on the checklist are not that difficult

Wait…I am not asking you to fulfill the checklist completely. I am just telling you that happiness is the positive energy to achieve things in our life….Instead of pushing forward with a depressed soul with low positive results, why not strive with a happy soul with moderate results? And maybe one day, when you are good at happiness, you will get awesome results.

Happiness comes first. Self-care. Take good care of yourself, ladies. Your physical health, mental health, happiness.. should come first. Only when you are happy that you are able to take care of others. This is not self-centered. We are just being women. Women are destined to be pampered. It is alright to spend money on yourself sometimes for good food and clothes, as long as you are happier in doing so.

Mix with people who make you happy. Stay close with people who have what you want and learn the way they live. Your destined partner will be on the way. Not to be needy but independent. Then, you won’t get into an unproductive relationship with a needy guy who constrains your freedom. There are many aspects in life besides a stagnant friendship which just won’t blossom into a relationship.

Besides, be thankful. As I read the news, so many people suffering from hunger, casualties, abuse, oppression, confinement, diseases…..I am thankful to be at the current condition. What should I complain for? Single is just awesome.