An Inspiring Life

It has been a while since I last blogged

I was busy with work and study

Today is a sad but inspiring day

An inspiring life of a colleague, Ms Sim Chzia Poaw just ended and is to be continued in Heaven

I am not close to her

But only get to know her deeply through the memorial service carried out for her today

As heard from all the eulogies, she leads a selfless giving life for her students and colleagues

No matter how busy she is, she always remains a fighter who encourages and inspires people around her

She always takes on new responsibilities on her free will, no matter how tied up she is

Above all, she never complains

She is always smiling, even towards newcomers

I remember meeting her near the pantry on Friday evenings

She will say something like, “wow, you are so hardworking. It’s Friday evening. Everyone is going home. You are not going home? Take care ya……I always see you during Friday evenings. All the best…..” The tone in which she says this is always very caring and encouraging. And she never forgets her smile. Although we are not close friends, but she is so motherly towards me and also everyone.

I feel bad. Maybe I should have talked to her more when she leaves her door half-open. We should have had more meaningful conversation. She is an attractive lady with a beautiful heart.

Her beauty continues after her death. Sadly, I realized her beauty only when her health conditions had worsened. However, the impact of her life is tremendous on me.

Though I have not spoken to her more than an hour, I felt tears brimming with tears during her memorial service.

I will see her as my role model by doing what she affirms to be the right things to do in order to repay the kindness we have received from our society since small

What I have been doing right, I will continue though I had thought of giving up at some points before getting to know her

What I haven’t done right I will start learning to do it

Your spirit leaves a legacy to all of us

Thank you so much, Ms Sim. The pantry lady who has the warmest and comforting smile on Fridays when I feel left out that most colleagues are going home

I pray that God will put you in a good place as how your good heart deserves

May your loved ones be strong and continue to strive with your spirit

Take care! Hope to see you in Heaven when the time comes.

(I use present tense because she is always present in our hearts.)