Split Personality

Having a split personality is a process of disintegration

You just disintegrate into smaller pieces

All the pieces are different, totally different

Then you disintegrate again

From the small pieces into smaller pieces

smaller and smaller

disintegrate and disintegrate

til you vanish

That’s the point you totally lose yourself

Fighting your split personality means staying in one whole piece

Be firm with your goals

Be firm with your decision to kick off your repetitive behavior due to endless checking for making sure that everything is alright

Be firm with your diet choice

Be firm with your life-style

Be firm with what you hope to say

Be firm with what you really want to do

Be firm with what you want to let go

Be firm with your attitude

Be firm..be firm….be firm

Just be one self

There is only one

Stay true to the one self

No other copies

Love yourself

Stand up and voice up for yourself

as nobody can


The messier it is, the better your mental health is

Messy room

Messy tables

messy bed

messy office

messy bedroom

messy car

allow some messiness

this is life

life is messy

don’t try to hard to make it straight and perfect

as you will be choked to death

like how i spent almost six hours checking the same bag and my cubicle

without achieving anything, feeling more insecure

just feel safe

it is okay to be without checking

everything will be alright if you just do it

checking won’t help

it is a temporary relief and a fake relief

don’t deceive yourself that everything will be alright if you check endlessly

life is unpredictable

Just do it, sit back, relax, watch the view

taste the bitterness and spice

Good luck, split personalities and OCD friends

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