What is motherhood?

Feeling bored. Tired of marking my students’ answer scripts….I have been marking since this morning.

Let me write something to entertain myself.

My niece is growing fast. She is able to smile nowadays.

A miraculous gift indeed. Thanks to my sister-in-law. Some said she looks like me. Unbelievable. Amazing.

Her arrival has made my days brighter as I watch her daily life videos sent by my brother to our family Whats-app group from time-to-time.

There have been a few times when I shed tears of joy, celebrating her miraculous arrival.

I have a kid too. A kid I have stealthily adopted through World Vision. The cost is still bearable.

Throughout these years, I realize I have grown up a lot. And, some problems are no longer problems. New problems come in daily.

I remember the day when my doctor broke the news to me. It was about some health challenges I will have in the future if I am going to be a mother. According to him, I will need to stop my medication during my pregnancy. I know my situation well. The fact is that I can no longer function well when it comes to the third day without medication. I always remember his kind words. He told me lovingly that he would like to screen my future husband himself as well as having a discussion with him about our pregnancy plan…finding out the right way to go about it.

Back then, I was just a teenager. The news didn’t affect me much. I was just worrying about my academic study. Thanks God that I have a supportive family. Whenever I mention this case, my parents always shrug off the case by saying something like…”It is just for the first few months of your pregnancy, it’s okay, no big deal. If you are not supposed to breastfeed, you can always buy formula milk…” That’s why I have grown up without being affected much by this case.

I have realized that motherhood can be experienced in many ways. You do not need to be a biological mother to experience your motherhood. I have a friend. She has been married for many years. However, she has decided not to have any biological children but to dedicate herself as the headmistress for a Buddhist kindergarten when I used to work in. She is definitely the greatest and the most loving mother. There was once when she asked me if I want to resign from my splendid job in UTAR one day and go to a country which is shrouded in poverty in order to provide the children there with free education.

I salute her loving, kind spirit. I am not sure if I have the courage to let everything go and just pack my bag to go to the country.I would rather say…I am not as……as her. But she has taught me about the real definition for “motherhood”. However, I would like to visit my adopted kid one day. It will be the most meaningful travel experience. Who would like to join me? 🙂

I am not pitiful. I am here to enlighten you with the real definition of motherhood. Also, I am here to share with you a new mindset in the world of humanity. There are a group of great mothers who are married without their own biological children. They  go around and adopt many hungry, under-privileged kids around the world.Then, they give the kids complete, happy families. I am impressed by their love towards those children.

Motherhood is a choice, not a fate. Seriously, I hope my career goes well. If not, how am I going to support the kid? Alright, time to sleep. Tomorrow, I need to work. Motherhood keeps me going. The kid was my birthday present this year. As a grown-up, your birthday has become a day to remember your mum’s labour. I am touched by my parents’ love towards me despite my imperfection. Their love spurs me to love more. And that’s why.



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