The love behind handwritten letters

My students just finished their exam. One of their exam questions required them to express their opinions on the practice of letter-writing. Here is a compilation of their opinions:

1.) Handwritten letters are tangible. Some letter writing pads are scented and textured. The scent and texture of the letters create a sense of connection by providing us with great olfactory and tactile experiences.

2.) The effort and care in selecting the best letter writing pad and fountain pen for writing a letter portray the writer’s love.

3.) The anticipation for a love letter when you are waiting for the postman, checking your mailbox so frequently…turns into great joy and blessing when you eventually have the letter in your hand while reading it word-by-word.

4.) The emotion and love are entangled with the written words which have been properly selected, making the letter authentic and heart-warming. Unlike e-cards and social networking messages, the use of emoticons easily creates exaggerated or inaccurate feelings. We tend to use abbreviations and simplified language for quick typing. Writers might not be able to polish their grammar by using the simplified kind of language in the cyberspace.

5.) Messages in the cyberspace can be copied and forwarded easily, thus lacking in authenticity. On the other hand, handwritten letters are genuine runs of love flowing from the writer’s heart.

6.) Tangible letters can be stored in the chest of your drawers for years with the protection by some mothballs. You can reopen the drawer for a good read anytime you feel like traveling down the memory lane. However, e-cards stored in your computer might disappear after formatting or accidental deletion. You might even forget the existence of the e-cards.

7.) Letter-writing was a trend during my schooling years. It brings back my childhood and teenage memories which are irreplaceable and valuable. It is saddening that only those who were born before 1990s would understand the nostalgic feeling which comes with the practice of letter-writing.

8.) As you see your lover’s handwritten words dancing on the paper, you can catch a glimpse of his characters and special traits which are precious commodities that can only be found in him. When you are stressed, your handwriting is messy; when you are caring, your handwriting is neat; when you are imaginative, your handwriting is stylish curvy. If you want to know a person well without meeting him, read his words with your heart.

9.) I plan to come out with ten points here but I am too sleepy to recall what my students have written. Here is a link to a beautiful masterpiece by Dawn Usharani. Credits to The Star. Click here.

10.) Tenth point? Please help me to fill in. Thank you. Good night. It is a beautiful night. My students have beautiful souls, as seen from their handwritten thoughts.

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