I love me

I suddenly feel like…

The best relationship in the world is the relationship with myself

The best feeling is experienced when I fall in love with myself

I love me

I mean everything about me, everything in me

I am not imperfect

I am just weak

People with a heart full of love easily go weak

Love gives my vulnerabilities

but it makes me stronger at the same time

as my love burns eternally

I believe we never stop loving anyone we have loved in our life

no matter what the circumstance is

and what the changes that happen in the people we love

In fact, if we ever love, we love forever

however, we learn to love silently and differently

As I grow older

I learn something valuable

which helps me to embrace my vulnerabilities

I am here…with a few dependable, trustworthy friends whom I can call at midnight for help

At the same times, some of my old best friends seem to have drifted from me since I left my university/job/old place

Although we no longer keep in touch

but I know it never means our friendship is gone

It is just that our affinity has been used up

Do not be too obsessive

they have their own wonderful life to go on

we should be glad for them

You as well

You have a few friends around you

whom you can meet anytime

Just appreciate what you have

Instead of going for what you want

Love is a process, not destination

we have to learn that love is always here

love is always in process

Be patient and observant for the surprises which surface from time-to-time

I do not have to please others to love me

I just need to be myself

I will love myself for who I am

That’s enough

I know, I trust….There will always be people who love me for who I am

Coffee counteracts with my anti-psychotics

No matter how tired I am because of the sedative effect of the anti-psychotics

I won’t turn to coffee

I will take a rest from work instead

I won’t drink coffee and jeopardize my life

It’s okay that I am not a productive employee

not an excellent student

I talk slowly and laboriously

I have low IQ

I am not pretty

I am too quiet

I am …I am

I am just I am

I love me

I love my sickness

I am deeply in love with myself

The world is too crowded

I will not fight with the crowd

I will not befriend jealousy

I have what I need

What I need is just myself

I am happy by myself


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