No regrets

I have been wandering back and forth

Between happiness and sadness

Between success and failure

Full of hesitation

Loss of direction

That is why I want to make a decision right now

Deciding on how my life will turn out

Instead of sitting and waiting anxiously

Wondering how it will turn out

Good or bad?

I have decided that I will take charge

I myself am going to decide my future

Have faith that my future is going to turn out the way I hope for

Once I make this decision

and put in full trust towards my own decision

Believing that fairy tales will surely come true

That’s when I am motivated to put in the necessary action to make those tales come true

I am not an angel with no needs and desires

I am a normal human being with obsession

I shall face my needs and desires face-to-face

Accept the fact that my life will only complete by fulfilling those needs and desires

That’s when I start acting and approaching the desired destination

I should know clearly what I want

and work towards it every single moment of my life

I do not want my life to be wasted

I do not want a full stop made of regrets

I want a semi-colon which tells me that life needs to go on

Know what you want, decide that you want it, believe that you can have it, work towards it

This is life

I dread the life which is like…

“I can have it or not have it

I can still feel contented if it doesn’t turn out right

I shall learn to let it go

let my life take it course

God has a better plan for the worst thing”

I prefer the life which is like…

Life is pain

Stagnant happiness is the cause of more pain

Action is the best pain-relief

Action is the best anti-depressant

I believe strongly in fairy tales

I am already in the beginning part of my fairy tales

That’s the motivation for me to wake up early to welcome the sun everyday

No excuses, I must have it

That’s the only way

Courage and confidence is what I need

to stop wandering in my anxiety and doubts


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