The little things we always miss in life

Sometimes, we tell ourselves to have more self-love

We remind ourselves about this again and again

Yet, we hardly practice self-love

Skipping my lunch…

Staying awake late at night…

Waking up late and skipping my breakfast…

Skipping the jogging routine….

Putting off the quality time with those who really love me…

Giving up on the time for reflective blogging….

Deserting the fruits in the fridge…

Forgetting to call home….

Putting aside my favourite books….

Forgetting your pills…..

All these are for me to have more self-love?

For me to complete my Master’s dissertation?


I am too faraway

These are not self-love

Sometimes, while we are aiming at a target in our life..

I mean a major one, like a Master’s dissertation

we tend to lose sight or neglect some of our essential needs

When we fail to fulfill our own essential needs

everything goes haywire

Instead of having more time for dissertation by letting go our my essential needs

I end up feeling depressed, hopeless, stressed, worthless…

to the extent of finding the easy way out

Have you thought about your essential needs?

Those essential needs which motivate, recharge, empower you to achieve great things

Those are like your breath

You can’t afford to lose it

I would call it

Something like work-life balance

That’s why many top fabulous companies in the world are cutting down on the working hours for their employees

Studies show that when your employees have work-life balance

or when they are healthy mentally and physically

They are more productive

Just like…

I drank cups of coffee and tea

slept for just a few hours

My mind still wouldn’t work

I worked with 50% of the mental ability at this stage

ended up feeling burnt out

needed one day off research before I became insane while battling the sedative effect of my anti-psychotic pill

I missed my pills and my diarrhea was getting worse

I stopped jogging and I started to have muscle pain

Rest, work, rest, work

This should be the cycle

When you have limited time

It is better if you rest the right way

Choose a soul-healing hobby

Writing and reflecting is my favourite

Instead of meaningless hours of drama episodes

which drain you out instead

Be sure it is good for you when you want to sacrifice something

Is it your breath?

If so, think twice

Which is better in long term?




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