Dad’s Bufday

Today is my Daddy’s birthday

My Daddy is my hero

and also my lover in the previous life

When I am home

I always have the chance to savor his mixed fruit juice

No sugar and freshly-squeezed

He knows I love his mixed fruit juice

That’s why he is always motivated to squeeze some mixed fruit juice

Today is his birthday

I am not home

He Viber-ed me a photo of a glass of mixed fruit juice he made

and called me

telling me in a shy tone

“Have you seen the photo?”

“Is that fruit juice you made?”

“Yeah! When you are home, I will make for you.”

Suddenly, I feel that I have the cutest Daddy in this world

I can feel that he misses me very much

My brothers Whatsapp-ed me some photos of Daddy’s birthday celebration

I feel a strong wave of emotion swirling in my heart

my tears are brimming in my eyes

Daddy is someone who makes me strong

who motivates me not to give up

though he can be naggy sometimes

I love you, Daddy!


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