Life is a game

I imagine myself to be dead

No more in this world

I imagine the day my funeral is held

Everyone who matters in my life comes to my funeral

They pay their last respect to me

Sobbing in tears

Reminiscing the sweet memories we had

Talking about the things in me which they love and will miss very much

I feel happy and at peace being showered with lots of love while lying in my coffin

I am free

No responsibilities, no stress, no failure, no danger, no humiliation, no worries….

I feel light, floating

What I am experiencing now is just a game after my death

Everything I see, feel, hear, smell, taste…they are just in a game

Not real

I am just watching the game going on

It is okay if it fails or something bad happens

as it is not real, not my life, but a game

my life has ended

nothing matters anymore

I am not attached to anything

No fear of not being able to graduate, no fear of not meeting the KPI, no fear of being lonely, no fear of getting older…

It is just a game

I will just enjoy watching the ups and downs of the game

Till the game is over

Giving up my life is what makes me continue

The real life is just too risky

I will play hard in this game

If I fail, it doesn’t matter, it’s a game

My life has ended long ago

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