Release the weight in my heart

My heart is full of so many things

barely focus

barely breathe

However, deep down

I know the reasons

I tell myself to sleep not later than 12 midnight all the nights

not to put any more hopes on the relationship

Fact is the fact

Accept the fact and move on

I am just the kind of lady who easily falls in love

but finding difficulty to fall out of love

Maybe I am just possessive

But love is draining my energy

I barely focus on my study

My mind is shutting down

Going into the imaginary world

And schizophrenia is creeping near

I almost lose sense of the reality

False beliefs are popping out from everywhere in the closet of my mind

Time to let it go

The courage to let it go

Alone is okay

Slower is okay

I have my own life

not to be judged by your ruler

but my own ruler

I have a real life

an interesting, wonderful life

I have at least three best friends whom I meet up every week

That’s good enough

I have a supportive family

I have a career

I have bright future

I have a happy life

be thankful

You have something others don’t have

that’s why you don’t have something people have

don’t jealous

Those who love you will stay

those who does not, just leave them

You don’t have to be the giver all the times

learn to receive

you are not a robotic human

sometimes, I hope to be a little girl

treated like a princess

as how my daddy and brothers treat me

be brilliant to know who cares about you

and who doesn’t

Don’t waste your life on those who only treat you as passer-by

No more a people-pleaser

I have my own feeling and thoughts

I am a person

I am Berriegal

I am not transparent

If you don’t see me

I won’t work hard to be visible to you

I am glad enough to have a few who see me as a precious gem every moment

Sorry, please get out of my way

out of my life

I don’t want to hear anything from you

back off!

Here, I blog as if there’s nobody’s business

I vent my spleen

I reflect

I recharge

I shoot far


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