True Love

I guess I have found my true love

True love is not a person

It’s a feeling…

a realization

When you fall in love with someone upside down

and you aren’t sure whether that someone feels the same

but you still feel joy

I guess you have found your love

You have found your true love

when you can be still happy

in the face of two possibilities

First, together happily ever after

Second, all alone throughout your life while still loving him

If you can be happy with these both possibilities while loving him

you have grown up

Love is not about gaining and possessing

It is about giving and feeling

It is about blessing and granting someone’s wish

When you are in this stage of self-sufficiency

whereby you can watch the world go around celebrating their love

while you are single and lonely

still you can be happy

You are loving in the right way

Love is never tired

Love never complains

Love is self-less

Love is giving

Love is protective

Love is trust

Love is happiness

You truly love when you believe whatever happens

be it on you or him

everything happens for a reason

God has the greatest plan for you and him

You are happy when you see him grow under the care of God

even though growing in a bad and unbearable way

You are happy to see him getting more maturity day-by-day

Observing his life from far is your daily happiness

The compulsory dose of happiness which makes you going everyday

From time to time, without intruding in his privacy

you are always out there to check out on his security, his happiness, his everything

Just in case you can step in to give him an umbrella during his rainy days

Some doses of hope that you will be glad to give at any costs

Love is this simple

As long as he is healthy and alright

I am happy

even though looking from far

If he has found someone to be his true love

You will be happier than anyone in the world

You will be the first to give him blessings



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