Happy 2016!

In this new 2016, I tell myself to have more self-love

I shall stop placing my hope on others,

learn to be happy independently,

and be a self-sufficient girl,

who gives out abundant love.

I tell myself,

It’s okay that the guy who always makes my heart pumping turns a cold shoulder to me

I can still admire him

If we cannot be a couple

It’s alright

I will treat him as my idol,

just like Jay Chow and Brad Pitt

I can still enjoy admiring his attractive personality

without causing any hurt to myself

Sometimes, we just need to step back a few metres

for us to have a clearer view of the laying path ahead of us

We should observe how the laying path twist and turn

till the end when the weight of our life happiness is measured

Sometimes, we need to let go of some baggage which seems like a joy at the present

The joy might be soothing now, but it might bring a disaster down your path

We need to be firm in saying no to the short-term joy

and persevere in staying away from the evil joy

Don’t stress up yourself

You just need to replace the evil joy with some celestial joy

If you are struggling with your Masters thesis

and you hardly find the time to indulge yourself in your favourite books

It’s okay

Just remind of yourself of the joy you have when you have completed your Masters thesis the earliest among your coursemates

Visualize your convocation

If something doesn’t serve you in long term

Don’t hesitate to get rid of it from your mind

Fill up your mind with new, happy, nourishing stories

It all starts from our mind

Change your mind first if you want to change your behavior

Clean the baggage in your mind

That’s the power of visualization

You are what you think

Don’t care too much of what others think

Just take good care of yourself

and everything will be in good order

Trusting others is like giving your newborn baby to a stranger for care

Everyone has their own life path

You know yours the best

Sometimes, our paths might intersect

but they are always different

They haven’t gone through your pain and joy

They have no say in your life

Not that we are egoistic

This is just the simple rules for mutual respect for human kinds

Even a 3-year-old kid need that mutual respect

This is what bring the world together

A world of people with different colours, beliefs, stories, dreams…

It all starts from being our true self and accepting others’ differences

Then, the world will be colourful with a variety of people, like you and me.

Happy 2016!


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