The Good Dinosaur

I just came back from a movie. The Good Dinosaur. I am not a fan of animation movies. Most of the times, I prefer the real stuff. However, I really love this animation movie. The animation is so good that it looks real.

I was crying in the middle of the movie as well as at the end of the movie. The movie has simple story lines. It feels so real. And, I am sure all of you can relate to the story well. It is also what happens in each of our lives.

Click here for the Movie Trailer – The Good Dinosaur

I try to imagine a world whereby love is so real and human beings are also real and truthful.

Everyday, we wake up by the side of our family. We have great challenges. We fail again and again. But, our father, the mighty hero always knows the best when it comes to training our hearts to be braver. Not only our fathers, it could be anybody who we keep close to our heart. No competitions between one another. Only competitions with our own self. Not to impress others. Not to intimidate others. Only to make others’ life better. Only to be a hero who protects your family. Our heros might leave us when the time comes as life is fragile. However, we will continue the legacy of our heros who walked the path before us.

Our happiness is togetherness. That’s all. No smartphones. No online games addiction. No cigarettes. No drugs. No….the list goes on.

It is all about our communication with the nature. When something bad happens, we forgive and become closer. We learn that an understanding heart beats all. We repay the kindness from others and we give our kindness to others without expecting anything in return. We might be insufficient, incapable, weak, afraid…yet we try our best to be the kindest soul to the needy, hungry, lost, weak….

How good if this is a world of love, family and friendship! Don’t lament, the world is here if you want it. You are the world and the world rotates according to your instruction. You can give birth to such a world. You just have to start from yourselves. Love is infectious. Love softens the hearts of hatred, anger….Be the change you want to see the world.

I realize as I grow older, my relationship with love, family and friends becomes weaker and weaker. I need to find back the closeness…the real truth…the way the world should be.

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