12285976_10207731533344709_8092432_n 12285605_10207731161255407_497202157_n(1)

Not my doggie…not mine…my brother’s girlfriend’s…She has trained this doggie so well. Quite good-mannered.

Haha….Recently, I always have a short day at my bro’s place when I need to travel here and there for my study matters, especially to Universiti Malaya and my Masters supervisor’s house.

During these short stay, I always feel very stressed, especially when I need to do some amendments to my work in just one or one and a half day before I resubmit again…This doggie, named Mantou always accompanies me throughout the nights when I stay up late to do the amendments.

Thank you for your companion. You are so sweet. It is just that sometimes you like to fight with me for food. 😀

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